Signs of life is a  literary anthology themed around first- and second-hand experiences of illness and care-giving.

How do experiences of sickness or incapacitation change our bodies, who we are, and how we see the world? And how do they affect the people around us?

Available for purchase here

contributing authors

Reinfred Dziedzorm Addo, The shaking Man

Leah Baker, You have dysentery

Emily Bourne, Blog of a sick girl

Rachel Burns, Snowdrops

Josie Byrne, Anne

Ann Calandro, The halo

Al Campbell, Does he feel warm?

Steve Cushman, Fracture city

Scott Dalgarno, You brachee, you buyee

D.E.L. Win a date with John Mayer!

Katie Danis, Create It away

Jann Everand, Not done with all that

Darci Flatley, My mother, the gardenia

Annette Freeman, Lifelines

Rebecca Garnett Haris, Doctor’s appointment

Rukayatu Ibrahim, We do what we can

C.A. Limina, Transcendental numbers

Callum Methven, Year sixty-eight

Vanessa McClelland, Fuddle

Peter Mitchell, Call of the crow

Isabella Mori, Purgatory

Sophie Overett, Dive

C.A. Rivera, The old doctor and his waiting room

Janey Runci, The Man from St Judes

Sarah Sasson, Unlearning 

Nicole Zelnicker, Thicker than water


About the Editor

Sarah Sasson is an Australian physician-writer with degrees in English Literature and Medicine. In Australia, the UK and USA her poetry, short fiction and creative non-fiction have appeared in Meanjin, Oxford Writers’ House, Medium, Intersection Stories, Grieve Anthology, Unsweetened, Translating Pain and Orris Root. Sarah is collating and editing Signs of Life as an independent project.

Artwork © Melanie van Kessel 2018
commissioned for Signs of Life Anthology
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